Johan Schot lid van de KNAW

On Friday 15th May the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) announced they had chosen 28 new members. On of them is Johan Schot, co-founder and director of KSI. Congratualations for this recognition of his scientific merit. It is encouraging -especially for the young researchers of our network- that this honour can fall upon a scientist who spent most of his career on societal research questions....

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Session on Economics of Transitions to Sustainability at EAERE

There will be a special session Economics of Transitions to Sustainability on   the 17th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and    Resource Economists (EAERE), to be held in Amsterdam, June 24-27, 2009. The   session, organised by KSI member Jeroen van den Bergh (ICREA, UAB and VU),   departs from the claim that transition management requires an approach that   differs from the economic view on environmental policy. Although mainstream   economics seems to conflict in certain ways with the approach called for by many   involved in transition research, it certainly has something to offer to the   study of transitions. Indeed, various sub-disciplines of economics have   generated a wealth of concepts, theories and ...

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