Price winning paper

Derk Loorbach has won the Best Paper Award for the international conference 'Sustainable Development, a challenge for European Research' hosted by DG Research in Brussels. Together with Niki Frantzeskaki and Wil Thissen (TUDelft) he will present their paper 'A transition research perspective on sustainability'.
Niki and Derk will also host a panel on 'Governance of transitions and transitions in governance' at the international conference of the IRSPM network, April 6-8 in Copenhagen. In this panel they will present a paper together with Jan Kooiman (Amsterdam University) on 'Transitioning governance'.
At the 7th IHDP open meeting, April 26-30, Derk organises a panel together with Rob Raven (TU eindhoven) and Anna Wieczorek (IHDP-IT program) in which they address the international dimension of transition and strategic niche management. The panel will also include the participants and results from the workshop on this subject organised in New Delhi last fall. Information on the panels and papers can be found through the websites or via email.