Special issue 'Technological Forecasting and Social Change'

As a co-production of IHDP-IT and KSI, this month a special issue of TFSC on transitions in Asia has been released.
Reference: Volume 76, Issue 2, Pages 215-290 (February 2009).

  1. Sustainability transitions in developing Asia: Are alternative development pathways likely? [Link]
    Frans Berkhout, David Angel, Anna J. Wieczorek, Pages 215-217
  2. Asian development pathways and sustainable socio-technical regimes [Link]
    Frans Berkhout, David Angel, Anna J. Wieczorek, Pages 218-228
  3. Environmental rationalities and the development state in East Asia: Prospects for a sustainability transition [Link]
    David Angel, Michael T. Rock, Pages 229-240
  4. A hard slog, not a leap frog: Globalization and sustainability transitions in developing Asia [Link]
    Michael Rock, James T. Murphy, Rajah Rasiah, Paul van Seters, Shunsuke Managi, Pages 241-254
  5. Enabling sustainability transitions in Asia: The importance of vertical and horizontal linkages [Link]
    Xuemei Bai, Anna J. Wieczorek, Shinji Kaneko, Shaun Lisson, Antonio Contreras, Pages 255-266
  6. Socio-metabolic transitions in developing Asia [Link]
    Heinz Schandl, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Clemens Grunbuhel, Fridolin Krausmann, Pages 267-281